What We Do

Courtesy of our Music Publishers Association (MPA)



If you are a songwriter, lyricist, producer, label owner or screen composer, and you would like Asian Music Publishing to administrate your works on a global basis, we can:

• register your works accurately and efficiently with the relevant international copyright societies
• administrate the collection of mechanical and performing rights royalties derived from the exploitation of your works
• license the synchronization rights in your music to audio-visual users and media companies
• protect the moral rights in your works
• account and pay your share of received income on a six-monthly statement


Songwriter / Composer Representation


AMP’s responsibilities and roles include:

• Registering the works of writers with all appropriate collecting societies and agencies worldwide
• Monitoring and tracking the use of the music they own and ensuring that proper payment is made for all licensed uses
• Making royalty payments to writers in respect of the usage of their music
• Taking appropriate action against anyone using music without the necessary licence
• Finding new and talented writers and encouraging and supporting them as they develop their skills, whether through helping with their living expenses, providing them with the facilities they need to produce music or offering advice and guidance in writing for particular markets and audiences
• Securing commissions for new works and helping to coordinate work-flow
• Producing and licensing the production of printed music
• Producing promotional materials, including sampler CDs, study scores, brochures etc
• Promoting writers and their music to performers, broadcasters, record companies, film-makers, advertising agencies and others who use music on a commercial basis, both nationally and internationally
• Licensing the use of music, whether directly in the case of individual and special usages (eg synchronisation deals) or via the collecting society network
• Responding to new licensing opportunities that flow from technological developments

Asian Music Seminar


Asian Music Seminar Logo

The Asian Music Seminar is set to become the leading event in the music business calendar where the entire Asian Music Industry comes together under one roof to knowledge-share and progress harmoniously in global markets. It is also where other non-Asian global music markets can come and learn how to progress within Asia to expand their business in a vast continent where the music Industry is growing fast. The Asian Music Seminar is the key knowledge-sharing event where we cover relevant topics in detail that are specific to the Asian Music Industry at large and get a real global perspective from people leading in their fields.

Topics covered include:
Music Publishing, Sampling, Administration, licensing and synchronisation opportunities, Record Label related topics, Marketing & Promotion including how to harness the power of the internet, Radio and TV plugging, Music Management, Touring and Concerts, Merchandising and ancillary revenue streams, digital and mobile distribution in different global markets, legal, accounting, brands and music, understanding buying trends and culture, music catalogue management, global syndication of content, the art of songwriting, Production, Mixing, Mastering, Packaging, DIY labels, trade body memberships and so much more.
The first AMS 2013 is to be held at the world famous Metropolis Studios, Chiswick in London on Wednesday 19th June 2013 between 10am and 6pm. (Find out more)