About AMP

Asian Music Publishing (AMP) is an independent music publishing and copyright administration company, operating on a global basis.


Asian Music Publishing (AMP) is in partnership with Bucks Music Group, a leading independent music publisher for more than 40 years, with offices in Amsterdam, Dublin, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London, Madrid, Milan, New York, Paris, Stockholm, Sydney, and Tokyo. AMP is now developing a permanent presence in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, with more territories to be announced.


Asian Music Publishing (AMP) represents the most promising and influential songwriters, composers, lyricists and copyright holders of music of Asian origin, managing their copyrights and administrating their music publishing rights worldwide.


Asian Music Publishing (AMP) also represents writers, composers and producers of Asian heritage who require commercial rights management for non-Asian genres of music.


Asian Music Publishing (AMP) is creating groundbreaking brand new world-class collaborations to meet the increasing global media demand for South Asian and East Asian music. AMP encourages new writer collaborations, attracting top hit-makers from many countries to write and compose alongside Asian writers, knowing that their rights are being managed fairly and in line with international copyright conventions.


Asian Music Publishing (AMP) encourages music companies, broadcasters, media agencies, online digital platforms, collection societies, creators and users of music in Asian territories to work as harmoniously together as possible for the benefit of all, thereby helping music creators to generate income for the long term.


AMP’s purpose is to help Musicians, Songwriters, Composers, Producers, Lyricists, and copyright owners to generate more income from their music and other intellectual properties.


Founded by Terry Mardi and Laurence Aston, AMP has signed a long-term worldwide sub-publishing and administration deal with Bucks Music and will announce its first composer and catalogue signings in Spring 2013.